Various tests on Building Stones

Building stones are available in large quantity in various parts of the country and to choose and utilize them for their satisfactory performance, it is necessary to test the stone for its strength properties, durability and quality.

  1. Durability test:- The durability (soundness) test is performed to find out the capacity of stone to resist disintegration and decomposition.
  2. Impact test:- Is carried out on an impact machine to determine the toughness of stone. Toughness is indicated by resistance to hammering.
  3. Crushing strength test:- This test is conducted on a compression testing machine. The test samples are dressed from all sides.
  4. Acid test:- This test is carried out on stone to check the weathering resistance.
  5. Attrition test:- The aim of this test is to determine the resistance of the stone to abrasion, specially for those stones which are to be used for path ways, pavements and roads subjected to the grinding action of the traffic.
  6. Specific gravity test:- This procedure is adopted for determination of specific gravity of stone
  7. Water absorption test:- The water absorption test is carried out to determine the quality of stone.
  8. Brad’s test:- This test is conducted for frost resistance.
  9. Hardness test:- Hardness test IS performed to determine hardness of stones. The hardness test is conducted on Dory’s testing machine. Coefficient of hardness= 20-loss of mass in gm/3 Alternatively the hardness test may be performed by scratching the stone with a knife on Mohr’s scale.
  10. Smith’s test:- This test is conducted to find out the presence of water soluble matter present in the stone. It is only a qualitative test.

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