Various tests on Bitumen for Pavement Construction

The following tests are usually conducted to evaluate different properties of bituminous materials.

1. Ductility Test of Bitumen

Ductility is the property of bitumen that permits it to undergo great deformation or elongation. Ductility is defined as the distance in cm, to which a standard sample or briquette of the material will be elongated without breaking. To determine the ductility of distillation residue of cutback bitumen, blown type bitumen and other bituminous products we perform ductility test on bitumen.

2. Softening point test on Bitumen

Softening point denotes the temperature at which the bitumen attains a particular degree of softening under specified condition of test.

3. Viscosity test of Bitumen

Its defined as fluid property of the material as resistance to flow, To determine the viscosity of bitumen by tar viscometer.

4. Bitumen content test

To determine the bitumen content as per ASTM 2172 in the mixture.

5.Specific Gravity test of Bitumen

To determine the specific gravity of semi-solid bitumen, It is the ratio of mass of a given volume of bitumen to the mass of an equal volume of water, both taken at a recorded/specified temperature.

6. Marshall stability test for bitumen mixture

To determine the Marshall stability of bituminous mixture, Marshall stability is the resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical specimens of a bituminous mixture loaded on the lateral surface. It is the load carrying capacity of the mix at 60oC and is measured in kg.

7. Penetration test of Bitumen

It measures the hardness or softness of bitumen by measuring the depth in tenths of a millimeter to which a standard loaded needle will penetrate vertically in 5 seconds.

8. Flash point and Fire point test of Bitumen

To determine the flash point and the fire point of asphaltic bitumen and fluxed native asphalt, cutback bitumen and blown type bitumen.

9. Water sensitivity test (TSR) of Bitumen

This method covers preparation of specimens and the measurement of the change of tensile strength resulting from the effects of water saturation


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