Top 5 Tips When You Design The Kitchen For Your Home

Are you planning to redesign your kitchen? Renovating your kitchen can be a tad bit trickier than you think. There are a lot of things you must consider in order to make your kitchen look presentable yet utilize it to its fullest capacity. Here is a list of 5 kitchen design tips which you must consider before revamping your kitchen. This will certainly make your kitchen into a gorgeous gourmet kitchen which you would proudly flaunt in front of your guests.

  • Understand the logistics and usage of your kitchen

You need to first sit and figure out how you use your kitchen the most.  Observe your cooking patterns for at least 2 weeks before concluding. Patterns could be as simple as are you baking more or are you using the stove more. Which side of the counter space do you use the most? Do you require any more counter space to work on? The placement of electronics should be also considered the most if you are using microwave and oven more, they should be placed in the center. Are you using more spices in your day to day cooking which will indicate you to use colors which are dark and  Kitchen Tiles Ideas would be to consider materials which are also easily cleanable?

  • Leaving the layout as it is

Do not play much with the construction of your kitchen. But if you figure out that in Indian style cooking you would certainly need more ventilation in the kitchen and there are only one window and kudos. You have done the first step, perfectly.  The kitchen space would not require much of shifting as such but only the tools and accessories you use to cook should be placed as per your convenience.

  • Colors to incorporate in your kitchen

As most of the Indian cooking has a lot of doing with spices and smoke. So, it is suggested that people consider using dark colors while designing their kitchen. But only using dark colors in the kitchen would make the entire space to look very dark. The kitchen is a space which needs to be properly lit so the person working gets to work conveniently in the space. So choose contrasting colors for the entire space. Take two colors, the more roughly used spaces like the kitchen furniture and slabs can have dark colors and the rest can be light and bright colors.

  • Safety in the kitchen

Take this as an opportunity to add as much as lights in the kitchen as required. The kitchen should be the most lit room in the entire house for safety purpose as well. Most of the design of the kitchen should be in such a way that it aids the safety of the person working in that space. There should be a ventilation fan and storage area should be designed keeping in mind, hazardous equipment should be kept away from normal usage items and safely stored.

  • Petty things we miss out on

While designing your kitchen we keep big things like electronics and utensils in mind and how they need to be placed. But we sometimes forget discussing things like the garbage/ dustbin. We tend to just place it somewhere below the sink or wherever there is someplace as an adjustment. Whereas this is a very important factor considering the hygiene. We need to plan a place especially for kitchen waste and logistically it should be convenient to use and not spoil the look and feel of the kitchen. Make sure you have different arrangements of wet waste and dry waste as wet waste can spread diseases in your house and you need to dispose of it daily without fail and should be covered all times with a lid.

These would be in large all the kitchen design tips and tricks which would help you in renovating your ancient kitchenette and making it into a modern-day all-purpose kitchen customized especially according to your taste and usage. Designing your kitchen with these steps will help you utilize the space efficiently and also make it aesthetically appealing in look.

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