Increase in strength of concrete with age

Concrete develops strength with continued hydration. Rate of gain of strength is faster to start with and rate get reduced with age.  It is customary to assume the 28 days strength as full strength of concrete.  But actually, concrete develops strength beyond 28 days also.

Percentage strength of concrete at various ages

The strength of concrete increases with age. Table shows the strength of concrete different ages in comparison with the strength at 28 days.

                                                     Age                 Strength per cent

                                                    1  day                          16%

                                                    3 days                         40%

                                                    7 days                         65%

                                                  14 days                         90%

                                                  28 days                         99%

Concrete mix design is required to achieve target strength in structures. 

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  1. How to calculate strength of concrete in between 7 to 14 days,14 to 21days etc.

    1. You can calculate it by two methods.
      1. You can test the specimen on that particular day, to do so you need extra concrete cube.
      2. You interpolate the values (but this will give only approx. Strength).

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