BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system

BAMTEC carpet reinforcement system is the most advanced and complex reinforcement system. This system not only reduces the time for construction but it also reduces the cost of building under consideration.

This is due to the substantial speed of reinforcement bar fixings. The BAMTEC reinforcement system is like lose bar reinforcement arranged or packed into a roll as shown in Figure.

Advantages of BAMTEC Carpet Reinforcement System :

  1. This system is cost-effective because finite element analysis in which a detailing software is integrated and manufacturing robotics are combined in BAMTEC system, around 75% of materials employed in cut and bent reinforcement is needed in this system.
  2. This is because finite element curtailed prefabricated reinforcement is provided by the BAMTEC reinforcement system and eventually a waste of material will largely decrease.
  3. Accuracy and quality are enhanced considerably.
  4. Extremely fast construction.
  5. Different bar diameter and spacing can be provided.
  6. On-site checking of fixed reinforcement can be avoided.

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